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For all your remodeling needs!




Families are growing all the time, and everyone needs their space. How do you know if your family has outgrown your home? There are several indicators. Has a new child arrived? Is mom moving in with you? Kids moving back home after college? Or maybe they've just gotten too big for their old playroom? Perhaps you're looking to take in a tenant? Any one of these could be a tell-tale sign that it's time to start thinking about an extension.

MHI Metro Home Inprovement realizes that a house is not a home if its residents aren't comfortable there, so whenever we take on an extension project, our primary objective, as always, is to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result. Thus, we don't simply "tack on" an extra room or two; we actually expand the home, seamlessly integrating your extension into the existing design. When our work is done, your home will have truly grown, not merely sprouted a growth.

Dormers are one of our most frequently requested extension features. Designed to create headspace in attics or below roofs, these additions will help breathe new life into your home from the top down. And of course, we will be there from day one to help you secure all of the necessary building permits and alleviate the "growing pains" that sometimes accompany an extension.




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