For all your remodeling needs!
For all your remodeling needs!

Metro Home Improvement are roofing experts that can assist you in selecting a roof that meets your needs in style, durability, color, texture, and cost. You can choose a roof that complements your home or commercial building.


Our professional installers are fully experienced in installing virtually any roofing material including, fiber glass, light weight, cementatious, wood fiber, ceramic shingles, and tile. For pitched surfaces as well as rolled and hot mopped for flat roofs.


For the best results your new roof should complement your home’s exterior color scheme. Harsh conditions like heavy winds and driving rain can compromise the beauty and integrity of your roof. For long lasting esthetics and maximum protection, Future Image Designs has the perfect finishing touch. Ask us how we can maximize your roofing investment.


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Flexibility, innovation, results: See for yourself how we have built the success of our clients. Explore our project portfolio now.

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mhi Metro Home Improvement employs an award-winning team of architects, land developers, designers, builders and supporting staff. With our team, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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